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Workshop Guidelines for Workshop Compensation 

for Guild Members

1. Workshop fee to members is $12 for half day and $20 full day workshop. Any kit fee is separate from the workshop fee, with full amount going to the provider of the kits.

2. PPQG member-provider will receive the full $12/half day - $20/full day for every attendee up to 10 attendees, thus potentially earn $120/$200 for the workshop. For example, if there are 5 attendees of the half-day workshop, the provider earns $12 X 5 = $60.

3. For more than 10 attendees, the remaining income from fees will go into a workshop fund for any future workshops that have a deficit. So, for example, if the PPQG member half-day workshop had 15 attendees, $120 goes to the provider, and $60 goes into the workshop fund.

4. As a guideline, if the PPQG member-provider does not wish for the compensation, all or in part, the compensation can then be added to the workshop fund to support future workshops.

5. The PPQG member-provider, working with the workshop coordinator, may determine the minimum and maximum number of attendees for the workshop. 

Voted and approved by PPQG Executive Board May 2018


Workshop Coordinators

Mark and I are so excited to be your local Wo​rkshop Coordinators. We have had many of you approach us offering workshops in lots of different areas. We are hoping to have monthly workshops of some sort. Half-day workshops will be $12 and full-day $20. Locations and times will vary due to availability and instructor requests. Any kit fees will be paid directly to the instructor and are in addition to the workshop fee. Hopefully, you have all read the new instructor payment Guidelines in the last newsletter. Here are some pictures from former Workshops.  

If you have any to share, please send them to

For more information, contact Mark and Cathy at  
or 757-329-4059

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