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Service Projects for 2020-2021


On Feb. 7, a delivery was made to CHKD by Sherry Behun, Kim Beatley, Karen McFadden, Yvette Cienski, Kim's granddaughter, Sam and I. We delivered five quilts for teens with cancer, 15 baby quilts and 52 fabric hearts for NICU. These items were turned in after the Service Project Challenge ended last September.


I want to thank Sherry Behun and Kim Beatley for chairing Service Projects for the past two years. They did a great job. Thank you to the members that support these causes so generously.

Joan Kelly and I made a delivery to Riverside Hospital on Feb. 14. We delivered 11 baby quilts, 52 fabric hearts, three lap quilts and one quilt for the “No One Dies Alone” Hospice Program.


This was our first delivery to Riverside Hospital since last fall. Riverside allows our Guild to use the Riverside Warwick Conference Center for our night chapter meetings free of charge. Thank you to the members that have made all of the quilts and hearts. Please continue to do so, as there continues to be a need. HEART PATTERN


Mission Statement: “We will make and award quilts to honor the service and sacrifices of military members, safety professionals, and their family members. We will bring comfort and healing by employing superior craftsmanship and standards of excellence.”


Statistics: As of Sept. 6, 2016, PPQG members have delivered more than 1,000 quilts to our American service members. The Peninsula Piecemakers Quilt Guild voted in May 2007 to become involved in Quilts of Valor as our ongoing service project. Because of changes in the Quilts of Valor organization in 2014, PPQG decided to continue to provide quilts to our wounded soldiers; however, under our own Guild name. Since Jan. 1, 2015, we have donated our quilts to our wounded service members under the name Peninsula Piecemakers Honor Quilts. We have expanded our mission to include safety professionals injured in the line of duty. When the Guild is in the public eye, such as at Newport News Park for the Fall Festival, or at our quilt show, we frequently have blocks ready for individuals to sign with their good wishes for our recipients. These are then made into quilts for our projects.

Each quilt is a gift of love. Costs of materials and shipping come from donations by our members and others. All donations are greatly appreciated and will help get these quilts to the wounded men and women serving our Country.  Some of the photos above were taken at Walter Reed Hospital where Sherry and Gala delivered 28 quilts to Marines and other service members. Pictures below are group workdays to make honor quilts.


Recent Distribution:


Thank you to everyone that that continues to support the Honor Quilts program. I appreciate quilt top kits being taken and turned back in, the making of quilt tops of your own and donating, for all the quilting/longarming and binding that is being done and given back to this program. I will continue to bring quilt top kits, as well as quilts to be quilted and the binding put on to the meetings. Without your support, this service project would not be possible.


A quilt has been given to NN Police Officer Katie Thyne's partner. A special quilt, donated by Linda Odell, was given to Officer Thyne's two-year old daughter, Raegan. I am currently working to get quilts to two servicemen families that have recently passed in the line of duty.

Trina Murray

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