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2023 UFO Experience – Come Fly with us!

We are excited to bring you the 2023 UFO experience. You are invited to sign up at the February meetings. It is only $2!

Come by the UFO table to drop off your participation
If you want a head start, see Participation Info sheet and Participation Form in February Newsletter. 

Bring one copy of the Participation Form to the February meeting when you sign up, and you are on your way. Most questions you have are answered in the Participation Info sheet and the Form.

We will answer any other questions at the February meetings. The first completed UFO is due at the April meetings.

Start looking through your closets for those UFO’s! We look forward to helping you get your UFO’s done!

Your Alienettes

UFO 2023

Coordinated by our UFO Alienettes

Sandy Barnes, 757-234-2928

Natalie Hutchinson, 757-775-9021

UFO Challenge for 2021

Coordinated by our UFO Queens

Lois Bates (757-898-4640); Nancy Shrout (757-898-4174)

2022 UFO Challenge

Coordinated by our new Princess: Donna Albright

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