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Mask Information reported by Natalie Hutchinson

Check it out!

Some modifications have been made:

  1. First: watch the video!!! She has added some easier steps in the video.
  2. Second: instead of 10 X 16-1/2 piece of fashion fabric, I use one 10 X 8-1/2 of fashion fabric and one 10X 8-1/2 of lining (white or cream) fabric. I sew the two pieces together, 1/4-inch seam, along the 10 inch side, right sides together. Then fold on seam line with wrong sides together, and press crease at seam line. See Photos 1 and 2.
  3. Third: I do not use batting inside the mask. Instead I use a piece of sew-in only interfacing. See Photo 3.
  4. Fourth: I do not use her wire. Instead I use plastic-coated wire that is found on bread bags, or in the gardening section of Lowes/Home Depot. See Photo 3
  5. Fifth: For the elastic, I do not sew it into the binding. Instead I sew the binding on one side, press in the three edges, and lay the elastic (12 inches of 1/8-inch elastic) in the casing before sewing the casing closed. I loosely knot the elastic before sewing the binding down. By not sewing the elastic into the seam as she does, I allow the wearer to adjust the length of the elastic as needed.  See Photos 4 and 5. 
  6.  Completed mask - Photo 6.

If anyone has questions, I am available. 757-775-9021 - If there is enough interest MAYBE we can have a zoom class.

Natalie Hutchinson - 757-775-9021 -

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