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Rope Bowls

Instructor – Gretchen Scislowicz

Gretchen Scislowicz retired in 2015 from the nursing field with 40+ years of experience. She renewed her interest in sewing and embroidery, and developed a love for crafting with rope! Gretchen loves to try various techniques when making coiled baskets, such as fabric wrapping, dyeing, and painting the rope. If you’ve ever had questions on how to make these beautiful bowls, this is the class to take and the perfect teacher to learn from!

Class Skill Level: Beginner

Class Description:  Learn the basics of making coiled rope bowls, and coasters! Gretchen will teach you about fabric wrapped bowls and various ways to embellish them. Go home with a finished bowl!

Note: A zigzag foot is used in this class.

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