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E-Tree Policy

According to our By-Laws our Guild purpose is:

  • to promote interest in the heritage and art of quilting;
  • to promote companionship among fellow quilters;
  • to promote knowledge and understanding of the art of quilting through continuing education services for members; and,
  • to present educational activities for the public.

In that interest, the purpose of the E-tree is for the Guild to be connected:

  • through communication from the Board about Guild related information; and,
  • a method for members to communicate with other members about Guild related information.

    The Policy for E-mail messages will be: 

    All notices should be sent to the President or Vice President who will obtain Board approval (if needed) and send it on to the E-Tree chair for circulation.  

    Examples of the type of information expected of the E-tree are:

  • Notices of upcoming events; and
  • Cancellations Family illness or death.

    Notices of a commercial nature in which there can be financial gain will be referred to the newsletter where ads may be taken out.

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