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Barn Quilt

Instructor – Denise Vassar

Denise was born and raised in Newport News, VA. She graduated from Warwick High School and Smithfield-Massey Business College in Richmond. He has been married for 45 years and has one son. She worked as a civilian at Fort Monroe for the US Army Training and Doctrine Command for 37 years and retired in 2010 as the senior Foreign Disclosure Officer for the Command. Her love of fabric and needle work came at a young age. Some of her favorite memories are sitting with her grandmother with an embroider project or a crochet hook in hand. In high school, it didn’t take her long to realize that she and her sewing machine were destined to become lifelong partners. She made all her own clothes and most of the clothes for her mother and sister. About 20 years ago, she became interested in quilting and has become an out-of-control “fabriholic.” She enjoys making art quilts especially if a 3-d effect can be added. She has most recently become interested in making barn quilts and has been slowly working to make the ugly fence on her property more attractive using barn quilts.

Class Skill Level: Beginner

Class Description: Students will go through each step – drafting, taping and painting a pre-primed 2’x2’ board to look like a quilt block. Even though the name implies that an entire quilt is painted onto the wood, it will only be a single quilt block. After the barn quilts are painted, they can be hung on the exterior of barns, sheds, houses, fences, etc. Time permitting, participants may be able to complete two barn quilts.

Kit Required: Kit includes pre-primed board, suggested patterns read to transfer, exterior flat latex paint, foam brushes, exacto knife for cutting tape, paint sticks, pencil, eraser, plastic tubs with lids and plastic sandwich bags.

Cost: $25.00 to be paid directly to the Instructor the day of the event.

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